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Grass Roots is a four year Initiative that will explore turfgrass and the turfgrass industry unlike any program in history. The host of Grass Roots is the U.S. National Arboretum, a USDA-ARS research and education facility in Washington, DC. The National Turfgrass Federation, Inc., a non-profit organization aligned with USDA-ARS via cooperative agreement, is the main industry link to Grass Roots .

Grass Roots will explore the history, uses, benefits, value and issues of the turf industry, primarily through an outdoor turfgrass exhibit. In addition, programs, demonstrations and symposia, a web presence, and other medium will be used to explain and describe turf and the turf industry to the general public. More detailed information on Grass Roots can be found in the links below:

Grass Roots Update and Support Document
Grass Roots Q&A
Grass Roots Outdoor Turfgrass Exhibit - Elements and Design Basics
Grass Roots Messaging on the Turfgrass Exhibit Signage
Web Site Information
Potential Programs and Symposia
The National Greenscape Corridor
Letters of Support
Sponsorship Levels and How to Donate
Grass Roots Budget
Original Brochure